Mission Statement

• Promote the adoption of an ordinance to regulate, inspect and license medical cannabis and cannabis businesses in Michigan;

• Promote the adoption of ordinances to regulate, inspect and license medical cannabis cultivation facilities, safety compliance centers and other medical cannabis related industry in Michigan;

• Prevent the unchecked proliferation of unregulated, unsafe and illegal “pot shops” and related illicit trade;

• Promote the safe and regulated distribution of lab-tested medical cannabis products to qualified, registered Michigan medical marihuana patients;

• Partner with cities, villages and townships, and local law enforcement to prevent teen drug use, illegal and interstate drug trafficking, and drug crimes;

• Promote safe city neighborhoods through community education, outreach and economic development;

• Advocate for the responsible use of cannabis;

• Promote the measured development of responsible cannabis-based businesses.

• Promote economic development, job growth and commerce in the State of Michigan.